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Title So explain to me the process.
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Last Update Wed Apr 2006
Description You've described the technical side. Now tell me about the interview and storytelling process.
Solution We sit down with the person to be recorded and review what aspects of their story would they like to share ------

Childhood memories? Early education? Junior high and high school? Dating and courtship?
College and professional training? Marriage and child rearing? Family vacations and time around the house? Career and public service? Travel and retirement?

Once we have confirmed the basics of the story to be told we decide if the story is better recorded as a monologue or as an interview.

Next we prepare the questions or topics that are to be addressed.

On the day of the recording we bring our portable studio to the home, office, or another quiet place, and review the questions/topics one final time.

The interviewer/recording technician makes the storyteller comfortable and begins the recording. We plan on a recording session being about 80 minutes. (Each CD can hold about 74 minutes of recorded audio).

We encourage the storyteller to account for the interesting and inspiring parts of his/her life and to share details that belong to times gone by (e.g. listening to evening radio shows on the console radio in the living room).

The interviewer/technician is responsible for the time management of the story telling - to make sure the entire story fits within the confines of the anticipated compact disc.

At the conclusion of the recording session we pack up the studio and return to the computer lab for the processing of the interview.

Because of the advanced digital equipment we use, we can make corrections, edits, and deletions to any mistakes that are made or to extraneous noises (coughs, wheezes, doorbells, etc.). We also remove long pauses to keep the story interesting.

We do not edit the story in any other way unless requested to do so.
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