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Title What about histories that are already printed?
FAQ ID F00000012
Last Update Wed Apr 2006
Description The audio recording format sounds interesting but what about all of my family histories that are printed and stored in 3-ring binders?
Solution You should consider recording these histories in an audio format as well.

Whether these are your own history or those of your distant ancestors you can read them aloud and record them just as you would if you were telling your own story.

Remember that the emotion of your own voice is what your listeners will remember. If that history is important enough to be told it is important enough to record in an audio format.

For those who are not comfortable with their reading skills we recommend using relatives or friends with pleasant voices to record these stories. (It is always better if a man records the stories of a male ancestor, and a woman records the stories of a female ancestor).

We also have talented male and female readers available to read and record your family stories.
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