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Title What is the final product like?
FAQ ID F00000010
Last Update Wed Apr 2006
Description I understand how you record the story. What is the final product and how is it used?
Solution After we process the entire interview, we correct the volume levels and eliminate any background noise.

Finally we "break" the 74 minute into individual stories and these become the audio tracks (just like the audio tracks on any music CD - one song per track). This allows a listener to access the stories on the CD in a random or planned sequence or to just listen from start to finish.

Finally we burn the needed number of CD's as requested by our customer - and include the title, artist, and track text information (this is displayed in moving text on the faceplace of many newer home and car CD players.)

We also provide a full color label for the CD and a full color printed insert for the jewel box that holds the CD. Both of these can include the person's name, the project name, dates, and a photo or graphic, as desired.
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