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Title Tell me about Homer Audio Histories
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Last Update Mon Apr 2006
Description Tell me a little about your company, your experience, and what you do.
Solution Homer Audio Histories grew out of a hobby - recording the stories of children; the life accounts of adults and seniors; and the many experiences of military veterans, missionaries, newly married couples and new parents.

For more than twenty years I have recorded the experiences, tragedy, hopes, and dreams of individuals and to preserve these accounts in their original audio format.

It is a universal principle that all people - regardless of race or national origin, economic status, or health condition - want to be remembered by telling the stories of their lives.

We all appreciate reading and reliving the lives of ancestors who took the time to tell their stories - whether they came on the Mayflower or arrived at Ellis Island; whether they were bank presidents or common workers.

While we appreciate those who took the time we lament those who chose not to preserve their story ("How I wish I had my grandfather's history - he was a real pioneer"). Their lives are lost in history because their memories - forgotten in only a few generations - are not kept fresh in our minds and hearts.

Homer Audio Histories provides a convenient way to record and preserve all these stories. While we cannot go back and record the personal accounts of those who have gone before, we accept the challenge to preserve the personal histories of those now living.

Our motto - "Recording our nation's histories - one person at a time" - tells it all.

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